louis | 14 | infj

i really like foxes, languages and louis garrel

i have a huge crush on prince francis he makes me very happy ❤

also les misérables, portuguese soap operas, and french movies



les misérables | victor hugo

a song of ice and fire: clash of kings | george rr martin

the picture of dorian grey | oscar wilde

night shift | stephen king

vampire chronicles: interview with the vampire | anne rice


odysseus, s1

listening to:

sad french tunes

creepy tunes

les chansons d'amour soundtrack on repeat


interview with the vampire montaire au

lesbian victorian novel

current mental state

i'm a really sad, usually suicidal, person and this is basically in case anyone wants to know how i am today (now only updated on wednesdays and weekends)


suicidal thoughts:★★★☆☆


ღ school starts day september 15 and this blog will be on hiatus:

15th september - 16th december

5th january - 20th march

7th april - beginnings of august*

*i have exams this year and am not sure when school is truly over for me (school calendar wasn't clear enough)


i’m not cool. i’m like the opposite of cool. wait shit that’s hot. i’m not that either. i’m not hot. i’m probably just. luke warm. room temperature, maybe


i like my men



Everyone has that one musical they hate but everyone else loves

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if we hate the same people we’re already friends

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the lost myths of girls who loved girls: Cassandra and Helen of Troy

Let me tell you a story of two women, who were much more powerful than the men they were loved by, who collapsed kingdoms, who cared for none but each other.




Jean Valjean in the first 10 minutes of the movie:  I only stole a loaf of bread

literally me for the rest of Les Miserables:


Fun fact! ^This line in Aladdin was a reference to Les Miserables. They had it because the girl who did the voice for Jasmine’s singing, Lea Salonga, played Eponine on broadway and is one of the most famous Eponines ever. She also went on to play Fantine and was the singing voice of Mulan



also some other failed selfies from this week when I tried looking hot and failed miserably


So I found this yesterday.

maybe i’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new.

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Musical Genres: — Inspired by true events

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classic marius


peekaboo is essentially just making fun of babies for not understanding object permanence 

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why is underwear so expensive like wtf its a sheet of fabric that covers ur dinky doo